About Dorothy

Dorothy-LeBaronDorothy has been teaching and facilitating workshops in Canada and the USA for the past 18 years. She trained in arts-based learning and Biography Work at Arscura School for Living Art, where she has also taught. She teaches the Biography component of Foundation Studies at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. In 2008 Dorothy completed an introduction to Theory U, through the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership.

She worked for the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management as a facilitator in coaching and creative sessions during the Women’s Leadership Academy 2018.


In her own words:

I realized early in my academic learning that I had been taught to engage only a small part of myself. I grew more and more curious about other dimensions of learning—about what else we can draw on in ourselves and our lives to see truth. I have always wanted to know how to learn with creativity and insight, not simply reproducing what others tell us.

Training at Arscura School for Living Art was challenging for me. With no art background, I had to move beyond “judging” my “art” before I could understand what the process could show me. I had to meet and accept many difficult aspects of myself. But in those initial journeys through my inner landscape, I found the connection to the deep source that we all have as human beings—the creative or spiritual dimension of ourselves.

Biography Work and learning through an art process allow us to use our hearts and minds to gain insight and self-knowledge. I believe that these approaches can help us trust ourselves and the truth of our own experiences so that we can break free of repeated patterns and find a more creative path through life.